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Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions

Fully Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

24x7 BDR

      A foundation that is adaptable to what protection and recovery options best fit your business no matter what the budget is. Whether sustaining the confidence and control of on premises to modernizing for cloud, and hybrid on a per-machine basis – MC Inc. Recover provides the means to safeguard critical business data and restore business operations at hyper speed.

We deliver peace of mind

     Rest assured your data is protected and can quickly be recovered with industry leading technologies. Assurance that recover points will successfully virtualize Ensure critical backup integrity so systems can be restored when needed most and your business operation will run smoothly. More options with easier deployment Provide backup and disaster recovery options designed for all your business need, with Continuous Data Protection™ technology, secure and reliable cloud storage options, and 24x7 NOC support. Meet or exceed your recovery point/time objectives Deliver on recovery point requirements no matter what type of environment.

Advanced data verification

     Tru-Verify™, an advanced proprietary verification process that provides recovery point-integrity checks coupled with a time-lapse video of entire boot processes for maximum visibility , faster issue resolution and performance assurance when needed most. Continuous data protection Block-level backup for efficient storage and superior resource utilization, minimizing wear-and-tear and maximizing data availability. Secure and reliable cloud infrastructure Our Cloud, powered by IBM Cloud®, is built with advanced cloud security with 24x7 DDoS prevention and automatic data replication between datacenters. Ransomware-resistant solution Ransomware is a constant threat across all stored data. Block level AES-265 level encryption to protect and secure data at rest, in transit, and in the cloud. Instant virtualization + recovery, Recovery is measured in minutes—not hours or days—meaning minimal downtime for your business. Expert management Our certified technicians handle the day-to-day management, monitoring and troubleshooting of backups so you know your data is in good hands.


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